new  20,000 lb & bigger

Stock Number P-200
Capacity 20,000 lbs
Description The 20,000lb lift is an 8-arm mechanism ideally suited for many 37 to 41 foot day cruisers. The four structures on the top of the lift are duplicated below the tanks to create a rigid box that will dissipate the weight of the boat over many points on the lift and dock.
Stock Number P-240
Capacity 24,000 lbs
Description The 24,000lb lift is available in 8-arm and 10-arm mechanisms. A four-tank system, this lift offers a superb weight to width ratio in stability for your boat! Don't float your boat! Put it on a new lift from Summerset Boat Lifts today!
Stock Number P-380
Capacity 38,000 lbs
Description Built custom just for you! Your exquisite taste demands the best in boat lifts, visit us at Summerset Boat Lifts!! We are well-known for Lifting Your Dreams... From Canoes to Cruisers!