new  12,000 - 17,000 lb

Stock Number P-120
Capacity 12,000 lbs
Description The 12,000lb lift is a Heavy-Duty 6-arm mechanism designed for the rough waters at Lake of the Ozarks. You can choose to back-in over the deepest dropping lift on the market, knowing you have piece of mind that you have prop-turning clearances.
Stock Number P-140
Capacity 14,000 lbs
Description The 14,000lb lift is our first 3-tank system. Built on the foundation of the 12,000, a "pup" tank is added to the mix to create the extra capacity for the 14,000lb. This configuration does a great job keeping those stern-heavy boats level on the boat lift.
Stock Number P-170
Capacity 17,000 lbs
Description The 17,000lb lift caps off the trio of 6-arm mechanisms available. Capable of lifting many of the 34 and 35 foot day cruisers, the 17,000lb lift is again "best in class". In the "go fast" line of boats, the 17,000lb lift handles many 42's with triples.